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great work of art

I got this because occasionally me and my old buddies would hangout in the house for some barbecue and smoke cigars. I'm very happy that we got this one which works very well in keeping our cigars in perfect shape.

Smoke on

I find smoking cigars as you grow older has quite a fulfilling feeling to it and so I decided to buy one of these tall humidors so I can stock on more cigars. I'm glad it works just how I imagined it would. Perfectly sealed to keep out any roaches that might contaminate my precious cigars and I love how it's beautifully made.

works for me

I've had this cigar tower for a while now like 3 years and still works great, never had any issues with the humidifier. Just keep maintaining it with the liquid thing and it works perfectly well for my cigars.

very good at what it does

I don't really do reviews but I felt like this product deserves one. This humidor is one of the good ones out there that does exactly what it's intended to do, keep cigars in good condition. I'm a serious cigar smoker and I want my cigars to be perfect whenever I feel like smoking them and this cabinet works great in my opinion, I've never had a bad cigar ever since I got this one.

amazing product

I don't really have that much cigars yet but I decided to get this one because I was hoping to collect more cigars. I travel around for a living and each time I visit a new place I try to get their best cigars as souvenirs so one day I'm hoping to fill her up with cigars from everywhere I've been. I am very satisfied with how this cabinet keeps my cigars in great condition even if I'm gone for weeks sometimes. I am very happy with this humidor.

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