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Humidor Enthusiast Nightmare ...

I placed my order to only receive an email 3 days, after receiving my confirmation email , that they were out of stock . I ordered this early June . The email stated we could select from 3 different options in replacement . I called for clearifcation on the email. I would have to pay for the difference, which was fine , wait until End of June, or get a refund . I chose to wait, very misleading and unethical! I asked why they still had it up then, Mike stayed it just went out of stock.. very unlikely as it was still up every day afterwards!! Come July I haven’t received an email of any sort . I have tried calling several times , left voicemails no response . Finally Mike emails back 5 days later stating they having received any notice either . 2 days later they send another email stating the END OF JULY! Longer story short we got it the beginning of August with no shipping confirmation that it was shipping until 2 days AFTER WE RECEIVED IT! Lack of communication with this company was very frustrating. I get it , it was out of stock but very disappointed how HUMIDOR ENTHUSIASTS handled the whole situation. Very unethical company. Will never recommend them nor purchase from them again.

NewAir CC-100

product arrived in great condition and works extremely well.


This product is not in stock here or nowhere. New air will not have this product in stock until July 30 (tentative date) I purchased this humi from them and they sent me an email saying they are out of stock and expect to have item by end of the month (tentative) yet they are still selling it and not informing customers. I called there office had my money refunded and asked them to take them item off/down and they said they would, but more than a week later and they still have it up. They are taking your
Money and holding onto it
W/out informing you , and that’s the problems it’s called misleading business practices and I’m gonna report it to the BBB

Very protable

I always knew it would be better to buy a small cigar cooler, that way I can easily move it if I change my mind about where I wanted it to be. Very easy to use and works fine for me. I only wish the humidity control is also electronic like the temperature.

Works great

I like that it's very compact because I don't really have a whole lot of cigars. I just go get some cigars, smoke them and then buy a new box. So far this thing has been working really great and I've had no complaints. I also like that it comes with a built in lock and a key.

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