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Prestigious humidor

A very well made humidor from Prestige Import, impressive design and the unit is sealed tightly to keep the perfect humidity levels. I had to play around a bit with the humidity but it was all too easy, my most treasured cigars are all sitting pretty inside this humidor.

Absolutely stunning

Amazing piece of additional furniture just perfect in our house. We filled her full of our cigars and it just looks stunning, we love it so much. The unit works great too, our cigars looks very comfy in the humidor.

Very functional

The humidifier needed a little tweaking to work perfectly for our cigars, not too hard to do even for a simple person like me. The stuff you gotta do to protect your cigars is very much worth it once you get whiff of that cigar goodness. The seals are well made and it doesn't look like its has leaks because all of my cigars look perfect.

Exactly what I needed

This humidor is perfect for the my huge collection of cigars. I love collecting different kinds from places I've visited and I realized I have too many already and that I need a decent humidor to keep them. I found this humidor online and it looks good so I got it. So far I have no regrets, it does work as it should and it's just the right size for all my cigars. I am very pleased with this product.

good enough for us

Me and my veteran buddies love to smoke our cigars during weekends and I got this humidor to make sure our cigars are kept safe. This thing is a little bit pricey for me but I'm glad it works well, our cigars have never been this fresh since I got this humidor.

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